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Fear, Greed, Broken Dreams: How Early Sports Specialization is Eroding Youth Sports

This is an outstanding article from the Vancouver Sun.  It touches on many issues of today’s youth sports – specialization at too young of an age, injuries, crazy parents, etc.  It is a great read.

“The data is readily available, and damning. Early specialization has negative impacts on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of athletes, both in the short and long term.”

“Six per cent of high school athletes go on to play in college. Maybe two per cent of those go on to a professional career. If you ask any parent, I’d say 99 per cent think they’re the two per cent,” said Young. “The evidence is there … (and) tragic. On the quantifiable side of things, from a physiological level and psychological level, we’re damaging kids. The evidence is there that overuse injuries — that’s the physiological level — are rampant.”

Everyday Leadership

This video is a good one and at only 6 minutes – it’s definitely worth watching.

“We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives.”

Amazon Annual Letter

Each year Jeff Bezos writes a letter to shareholders and also encloses a copy of the original letter he wrote in 1997.  There are leadership principles, results, and more.  It’s a great read and you can find it here.