Shoreman Fleece, Instacart, One Big Goal

Shoreman’s Fleece – Duluth Trading Co.

Thanks to TB for the recommendation on this one.

Ditch the three or four clunky layers you wore in winters past and cozy up to the lightweight warmth and 100% wind protection of our Shoreman’s Fleece Shirt Jac. The advanced soft shell fabric sandwiches a windproof, water-resistant yet breathable membrane between two compact layers of insulating fleece. The result is a bulk-free, easy-moving garment that feels as agile as a shirt, yet blocks bluster and lets drizzle roll right off.



This might be my favorite thing of 2017.  They deliver groceries from Costco, Total Wine, Whole Foods, CVS and more. For a small fee (free for first time customers) you can pick out your groceries from the app and they’ll show up at your door the same day.  You’ll pay the same prices as in store, avoid the crowds and can choose to tip your delivery person for the convenience.   Avoiding Costco crowds? I’m in!  Link

One Big Goal

Did you read TTT 52 weeks ago?  In that edition, I challenged you to make one big goal for 2017.  Did you do it? Did you achieve it? Regardless of how you treated 2017, you have a few days left to make your big goal for 2018.

Don’t just say you’re going to exercise more or drink less or lose weight in 2018 and definitely do not say you’re going to make multiple new year’s resolutions (we know those don’t work). Instead make one really big goal for 2018.  Read 100 books, lose 25 pounds, start a business, run a marathon, travel to X number of new states/countries, get that promotion, have weekly date night (52 of them), learn woodworking, learn how to play the guitar, give away X% of your money.  Those are just some random ideas to get the juices flowing.  Pick one thing you think is a stretch to achieve and then break it down in to segments and go do it – you will not regret your attempt (or success).  Here is to a great 2018!

P.S. the backyard rink is up and running – hope you and yours have a great holiday season!