NextDoor, Sour Grapes, Placebo

NextDoor App

This app isn’t new but I’ve mentioned it to a handful of folks recently and they hadn’t heard of it.  NextDoor claims to be the free, private social network for your neighborhood.  You can find a babysitter, a plumber, sell a car, plan an event and more and get feedback from neighbors in your direct neighborhood and broader community.  Check it out here.

Sour Grapes 

(Guest recommendation from ZF)

This documentary takes a look in to the bizarre world of rare, high price wine collectors and how one man tricked them all…worth checking out if you have Netflix.  View a trailer here.

Power of Placebo

In this landmark and fascinating study, people with osteoarthritis improved equally well regardless of whether they received a real surgical procedure or a sham, which is a particularly striking example of the placebo effect and implies that belief can have an effect even on a “mechanical” knee problem. From the abstract: “In this controlled trial involving patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, the outcomes after arthroscopic lavage or arthroscopic debridement were no better than those after a placebo procedure.”  See a short video here . Read more about the study here.   Here is one more case where the placebo effect had very powerful impacts on the participants.