Mortality Map, YNAB, Failure

Mortality Map

This map from the blog FiveThirtyEight (take a look around that blog – it is incredible) shows mortality rates for leading causes of death by county across the U.S.   You can choose from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and more.  Interesting trends appear as you cycle through some of the different leading causes.

You Need A Budget

YNAB is a software to help you gain control of your money.  See a short video tutorial on their front page.  Whether you want to max out your 401(k), payoff your mortgage early, buy a new car, or just have a better understanding of your money, this software will help you get there.

Failure Is An Option

This is a great podcast discussing the benefits of failure – an interesting look in to the F word so many people fear.

“Failure can be devastating, but it can also make us stronger and smarter. This week, TED speakers explore how failure clears the way for success, in our everyday work, and our innermost lives.”