Power Nap, Wakie, 401k Benchmarking

Caffeine Power Nap

When you start to feel tired, throw back a shot of espresso or suck down a jumbo iced coffee. (Some sleep experts advise taking caffeine naps no later than midday to prevent any prolonged stimulation.) Then, set your alarm for 20 minutes later, and go flop down until it blares. Reason being, coffee takes about 20 minutes to reach the brain, at which point it causes alertness by blocking adenosine, a drowsiness-inducing chemical, from binding to receptor molecules.

Caffeine’s timing is ideal because power naps should end before deeper sleep begins, around the 30-minute mark. After that point, you’re more likely to experience sleep inertia, disorientation caused by abrupt arousal.

Additionally, sleep naturally clears out adnesonine that builds up during waking hours. By the time caffeine floods the brain, there’s less adenosine to compete with for receptor space. So, in theory, the caffeine gives you an extra boost, helping you reap the combined benefits of a nap and a stimulant…Read more here.

And check out this incredible article on this topic from Helen over at Health Ambition here.


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401k Balances by Age

This is a great post over at Financial Samurai – one of my favorite personal finance blogs.  He discusses the 401k balances by age for low, mid, and high savers.  See how you stack up and start putting a bit more away each paycheck, month, year to ensure you capture the benefits of compound interest.