Housing Costs, OK to Wake, Lazy

Housing Costs, OK to Wake, Lazy


Housing Expense Guideline for FI

This one comes from one of my favorite bloggers; Sam over at Financial Samurai.  He provides an insightful take on housing as a % of gross income and how it impacts your path to financial independence.  How close are you to getting your housing costs to 10% of gross income? There are only two ways to get there – raise your income or lower your housing costs!

OK to Wake

For those of you with small kids, this alarm clock is a Godsend.  You set the alarm for any time you’d like (say 7am).  Once 7am hits this alarm clock lights up bright green telling the child it’s OK to Wake (clever name).  If the child hits a button on the alarm clock and it is not yet 7am, it will light up yellow, letting them know it’s not yet time to get up.  Give this a shot – it has worked pretty well in our household.

Lazy: A Manifesto

A wonderful take on how busy everyone thinks they are – what are we actually doing?  I thoroughly enjoyed this and I think you will too.