Jones Golf, Library Card, Enough

Jones Golf

In the spirit of Masters Thursday, I thought I’d recommend a golf product.  I own this bag and this bag and they are awesome. If you are looking for a new golf bag for yourself or your brother, father, spouse (Father’s Day isn’t too far away) – take a look around the Jones site – they have a wide array of great products.


Library Card / Kindle Highlights

(Guest post from reader E.S. – also recommended from reader T.M.)

I may be years behind others on this, but I’ve finally figured out a time and money-saving system for those who like reading e-books.  I usually have multiple lists of books I want to read on various sticky notes, links, Amazon’s website, etc.  Now I use the Hennepin County Library’s website to add books to a “For Later” list, and then you can place a hold on a book when you’re ready for it.  The library e-mails you when it’s available, and you can skip a trip to the library and download it directly to your Kindle. All your Kindle highlights and notes from the e-books are saved at one website for easy access.


By John Bogle [link]

This is from the founder of Vanguard to a group of MBA graduates on creating value in the world. Here is an excerpt:

“But it’s not time for any of you to rest in peace, or to rest in any other way. Bright futures lie before you. There’s the world’s work to be done, and there are never enough citizens with determined hearts, courageous character, intelligent minds, and idealistic souls to do it. Yes, our world already has quite enough guns, political platitudes, arrogance, disingenuousness, self-interest, snobbishness, superficiality, war, and the certainty that God is on one side or the other. But it never has enough conscience, nor enough tolerance, idealism, justice, compassion, wisdom, humility, self-sacrifice for the greater good, integrity, courtesy, poetry, laughter, and generosity of substance and spirit. It is these elements that I urge you to carry into your careers, and remember that the great game of life is not about money; it is about doing your best to build the world anew.”

Quote: All we have to do is be the person we say we are. No need to shop for a better you, or to work overtime to make bigger promises. Keeping the promises we’ve already made is sufficient.