No More Zero Days

This motivating post is from a user on Reddit, giving advice to someone who was down on his luck.  Powerful stuff.

QBQ (recommendation from reader R.P.)

This book was recommended to me by a loyal TTT reader and it is a great (quick) read.  It is about personal accountability and changing the way we approach work, life, questions, problems and more by asking questions of ourselves and taking responsibility for the outcome.  I highly recommend it. Amazon link.

Judge a Book

This post has fascinating examples of how perceptions can change outcomes.  An excerpt from the article:

“Consider two studies done by researcher Frederic Brochet. In one, Brochet gathered 57 expert wine tasters and asked them to judge a white wine and a red wine. Unbeknown to the tasters, the red wine was actually a dyed version of the exact same white wine. How did this affect their evaluations? Even though both wines were identical, except for the color, the tasters described the red wine as having “jamminess,” and being like “crushed red fruit.” No one noticed the red wine was actually a white wine.

The second study, which also involved a group of expert wine tasters, was worse. Brochet took an average Bordeaux wine and served it out of two different bottles, one with an expensive label and one with a cheap label. Again, the “experts” didn’t seem to catch on to the foolery. Even though they were tasting the same wine, they tended to rate the wine from the “expensive” bottle higher than the wine from the “cheap” bottle.”