Hell Yeah Method

Do you find yourself saying yes to too many things in your life?  Do you have too many obligations where you don’t find time for the things that are truly important to you (i.e. priorities)?  There are so many opportunities to fill our day with things we are somewhat interested in and many times we have an internal struggle on how to respond.  I cannot remember where I heard it but it has stuck with me – the Hell Yeah Method.

The idea is that if you cannot answer “hell yeah” to an invitation or choice you’re making, you shouldn’t do it.  Obviously this won’t work on necessary obligations you must do.  However, give it a shot on your optional activities (happy hours, buying something new, dinner invites, etc.) and see where it takes you.  You may find yourself spending less time regretting being agreeable and more time for the things you really want to do in your life.

Do the Yerba (guest post written by reader E.M.)

For you coffee lovers out there who can’t kick the habit (but want to) or are looking for something naturally caffeinated without jitters or a “crash”, look no further than Yerba Mate. It has been described as having the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate” and has weened one loyal TTT reader off coffee completely. You can read a comparison of Yerba Mate and coffee here or some basic Yerba Mate facts here. Pick up some at Amazon, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods – it might just be what your doctor ordered.

Prime Music (recommendation from reader J.M.)

I am a big fan of Amazon Prime (as evidence here and here) and cannot believe I didn’t hear about Prime Music sooner. Luckily I have friends who find cool stuff and tell me about it – Prime Music is awesome.  It has a great library of on demand songs you can pull up from the app on your phone (or have Alexa play you some) and is included in your prime membership.

iTunes app link