Ever notice how some people get a whole shitload of stuff done every single day? Or those people that show up to the gym at 5am every single day rain or shine? Or the person who never looks at their phone when you’re having a conversation with them? Or the friend who always pays for your lunch? Or the person who is never late to anything? Or the friend that drops whatever they’re doing to help you no matter what? This list could go on and on (and have many inverse statements that would also be true) but my point here is I want you to ask yourself why.

Why are certain people so good at these things?  Are these people better at certain tasks? Do they have more willpower? Have they been blessed with good time management genes?  If we really dig deep, I think the majority of people would come up with the same answer – it all comes down to priorities.

Think about that word for a minute – priorities.  It is a word many people hear or glance at and move on.  However, in every single thing you do, you have a choice to determine what your priority is in that moment.  One of my priorities is to have family dinner every night.  I adjust my schedule accordingly and sacrifice other things to make it.  To me, there is no better hour in the day than sitting down (without any electronics), enjoying good food and talking, laughing and just sharing this time together.

If you get your life’s priorities straight and focus on carrying out those priorities at all costs, you will be amazed at what you can get done. You will be the person in the examples above.  We all get 24 hours in a day, those who prioritize and fight for their priorities are the people we look at and wonder, how do they do all that every day?  Do yourself a favor and dig deep and set meaningful priorities that align with your core beliefs and go achieve them.

Gordini Gore-Tex Gloves

These things are ridiculous.  I have worn these gloves in a lot of nasty winter conditions and my hands stay warm and dry.  I had them out flooding my backyard rink, where other gloves would have been soaking wet and they were dry as a bone inside (I was seriously digging in slush and puddles of water). Another night it was -25 and my hands were toasty warm inside these beauties.  If you’re looking for warm winter gloves, I’d highly recommend these (Amazon link).

Gordini Gore-Tex gloves

Nimbus Toothbrush (Guest recommendation from G.F.)

I know what you’re thinking, two products in a row? You can’t put two products in a row on Three Thought Thursday!  Normally I’d agree with you but between the gloves and this toothbrush, I think you’ll thank me. I was referred to the Nimbus toothbrush by a reader recently and it is amazing.  It is unlike any toothbrush you’ve ever felt and cleans your teeth a whole hell of a lot better than that frayed out Oral-B you’ve been using for the past 9 months (by the way you’re late for your six month dental check-up).  You need to do yourself a favor and try one of these toothbrushes – I’ve been using one for the last two months and I love it (so do 793 amazon reviewers).  You can find them on Amazon or from the Nimbus Dental site.

Nimbus Toothbrushes