Big Goal for 2017

You have a few days left to make your big goal for 2017.  Don’t just say you’re going to exercise more or drink less or lose weight in 2017.  And definitely do not say you’re going to make multiple new year’s resolutions (we know those don’t work). So instead I’m challenging you to make one really big goal for 2017.  Read 100 books, start a business, run a marathon, travel to X number of new states/countries, get that promotion, have weekly date night (52 of them), learn woodworking, learn how to play the guitar, give away X% of your money.  Those are just some random ideas to get the juices flowing.  Pick one thing you think is a stretch to achieve and then break it down in to segments and go do it – you will not regret your attempt (or success).

Primitive Technology – Barrel Tiled Shed

This is absolutely remarkable – this guy makes all kinds of things from scratch in the middle of the woods with no tools.  There is no talking, no music, nothing. Just a guy building shelter, tools, etc. the way cavemen would have done it.  For some reason I cannot stop watching it. Here is the link to this video – there are a host of others on his website.

This hut and kiln were built from scratch

Wait But Why – Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

This is another absolute gem from one of my favorite blogs – Wait But Why.  A great reminder to find your authentic self and stop worrying about what others think.

Photo courtesy of WBW.