BAD Duffels

I recently picked up a duffel bag from BAD (Best American Duffel) and I have to say it is fantastic.  I went with the #3 duffel (A big, weekend duffel. Conforms to maximum carry-on luggage size.) and it is the perfect size for a multitude of tasks. In fact in the few weeks I have owned it I’ve used it as a gym bag, a weekend bag and for a two day trip as a carry-on (including shoes, suit, computer and more!). There is ample room for any of these outings and it is a comfortable carrying bag. The layout is great as it has one large compartment and interior sliding pouches for pockets. The quality is top notch with heavy duty zippers and materials. The #3 bag is $94 and worth every penny in my book.  The best part? Every bag is made in America!  Go check them out here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Many of you may already know this one but I have to share it anyway.  Are you sick of typing your home address, email address, phone number, frequent sayings in to your phone?  I am going to walk through how to circumnavigate this on your iPhone and save you some time.

Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.

Once you are at Text Replacement hit the + in the upper right hand corner to add your own personalized shortcut. You will then enter your phrase (e.g. Home address) and shortcut (e.g. “aaa”).  Now whenever someone or some app asks for your address you simply type in aaa and it is automatically inserted in to the text.  I use various shortcuts I have set up multiple times each day and often take it for granted. Hopefully some of you find it useful as well.

Today You, Tomorrow Me

As we enter the holiday season I think now is a good time to look back at one of my favorite posts of the year. Read Today You, Tomorrow Me and reflect on 2016 and what lies ahead.

Happy Holidays to each of you – I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to this site. I’ve learned innumerable things and have had many great conversations as a result of this site. Hope you and yours have a great Holiday season.