For those of you that have Amazon Prime, there is an outstanding feature of which you may not be aware; Prime Photos.  Prime Photos allows you unlimited photo storage via your Amazon Prime account.  You simply login to your Amazon Prime account and begin uploading photos from your desktop, hard drive or mobile device (uploading available via app as well) and they are stored in Amazon’s cloud storage indefinitely.  You can then clear them from your device, freeing up much needed space on your phone for example.  You can access the pictures from any device and do things like search by time, event, person, etc., share the pictures with family members, download pictures on to another device and much more. It is incredibly convenient and a powerful storage solution for all your pictures.

Prime Photos
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It’s possible that you’re the way you are, that you do what you do, that you react as you react, and that it can never be changed. Believing this is incredibly sad, though.  Each of us is capable of just a little more. A little more patience, a little more insight, a little more generosity. And if you can do a little more, then, of course, you can repeat those changes until you’ve done a lot more.




This is a moving TED talk from Cesar Kuriyama.  Cesar takes a one second video every single day in order to capture life events and trigger memories of said events (good days and bad days are all included).  His goal is to do this every day and at the end of each year he has a short video highlighting what he did in a given year, decade and lifetime.  Pretty cool – take a look at the TED talk at the link above or click on the picture below to go to the website.

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