Given today is Thanksgiving, I thought I’d include something about the power of gratitude.

“The antidote to fear is gratitude. The antidote to anger is gratitude. You can’t feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time.”  – Tony Robbins

Think of the last time you were bedridden with an illness – how good does that first day feel when you’re back on your feet? Or when you have a nagging pain that suddenly goes away.  Suddenly you’re feeling very grateful to be back to “normal”.  Too often we focus on the negatives (particularly when they’re front and center) instead of focusing on the things for which we should be grateful every single day.

Research has proven a whole host of benefits by practicing gratitude (improve your health, sleep better, higher self esteem, higher levels of happiness and more).  So spend today and every day being grateful for all the things in your life for which you have to be grateful.

Find two write-ups where you can learn more about the science behind gratitude here and here.

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Extra: If you’re doing any online holiday shopping today or tomorrow, Deals of America is a great site aggregating a ton of stores and their respective deals.