Awesome Jar

As you know most of the content on this site is not original – I simply share with you the most intriguing stories, books, apps, podcasts, hacks etc. I’ve found useful recently.  Many times I test them out before passing along to you.  This is one I haven’t tested but I recently heard about it and it sounds pretty awesome.  The idea is you keep a jar somewhere in your home.  When something awesome happens, you write a short note on a slip of paper, fold it in half and throw it in the awesome jar.  At the end of the year (or at any interval you deem appropriate) you dig in and start unfolding pieces of paper to remember some of the best times from the past year.  I’m going to start this in our home (results still TBD) with the hope that we capture a lot of fun memories no matter how big or small.

Memento Mori – Remember Your Mortality

Dom over at gave me permission to use one of his posts (link) in this week’s Three Thought Thursday (thanks Dom!).  Some may think of it as a bit of a morbid topic but I think it as great perspective and a reminder not to take any day for granted.  The post outlines a method to countdown the weeks remaining until your death (similar to Wait Buy Why’s Your Life in Weeks).  At the end of each week you cross off another week and reflect on what you accomplished, how you spent your time, and look to the week(s) ahead.  All the while keeping in mind that our time here is limited and you need to make the most of each day/week/month/year.  It is a great reminder and one I wanted to share with you.

Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

This book is a must read for any of you fathers that have a daughter.  One of the Amazon review really hit home with me – the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.  This book won’t give you the playbook for every single scenario you face as a daughter’s father but it provides incredible insight and encourages you to keep going down the right path.  I’ve read it and am re-reading it currently – I highly recommend it. You can find it here.