Here is your weekly edition of Three Thought Thursday – three things I’ve discovered or used this week I thought worthwhile enough to share with you. Enjoy!

Stronger or Weaker: A Daily Ritual

Each night before you turn in, take a minute to reflect on your day.  Did you get stronger or weaker today?  Open a notebook and write the date and an S or W. Some will argue about how many things to measure, but don’t get too caught up in the details, the important part is measuring something.

I have been doing this for months and I measure three categories; 1. Physical, 2. Mental, 3. Relationships, and then I assign each an S or W.  You will be amazed at the impact this has on your well-being and the daily decisions you make.  Go for a run? Have another donut? Who can I help today? The goal is to have more S’s than W’s (doesn’t matter if each week is 4-3 or 7-0) and over time the results will have a compounding effect (much like compound interest in your retirement accounts).

Give it 2 months of daily use and see where you end up – you may just form a new habit and make yourself stronger in the process (there is some science behind forming new habits here).

FireCalc: A different kind of retirement calculator

FIRECalc shows you the results of every starting point, since 1871. You can get a sense of just how safe or risky your retirement plan is, based on how it would have withstood every market condition we have ever faced. But the calculator doesn’t use average historical rates of return. Instead, it analyzes what would have happened if you retired in 1871, in 1872, in 1873 and so on. It then calculates how often your strategy would have panned out historically. FIRECalc factors in the historical volatility in the market, so you can see whether your financial plan is robust enough to stand up to the worst we’ve seen in the history of the stock market.

WeatherTech Car Mats

I never thought I’d be in love with car mats. These things are incredible and a must if you live anywhere with rain, dirt or snow. They defend against spills, dirt, mud, snow and keep your carpets clean.  I’d recommend the FloorLiner version which is “laser measured for a perfect fit” specifically for the vehicle of your choice (link).


Update: On 6.30.2016 I suggested taking ice cold showers.  Today is day 73 for me and I have to reiterate my original recommendation. It is life changing – give it a shot!