Here is your weekly edition of Three Thought Thursday – three things I’ve discovered or used this week I thought worthwhile enough to send to you. Enjoy!


  1. Free Online College Courses (link): This site has a great collection of college courses from top universities around the world.  A great way to learn about literally any topic you can think of.  Most are provided via video format through YouTube, iTunes, etc.  Go back and study up on your algebra, nerds.


  1. EasyMeasure App (Guest post from G.F.) (link)-  This app allows you to measure distances using your phone’s camera.  I’ve used it the past two weeks and it’s pretty slick to have it handy on your phone.


  1. Cast Iron Cookware (link): Cast iron is the best – I use it daily.  This thing will outlive you and your kids and probably their kids.  Get one, you won’t regret it.